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The Eight Arms and the Day That Wasn't - Chapter 3: Attack on Shae Manor

Upon further investigation the candidates find Shae Manor nearly empty, and even Killan himself disappears after he retires for the evening. Mortia pieces together that everybody seems to have vanished from their beds and surmises that the disappearances occur when people fall asleep. Before anybody can act on her findings, goblins attack the manor and set the building on fire. The candidates and Cilla escape in varying degrees of health.

Once Cilla leaves to check on the manor guard, the candidates are approached by five people, one human and four shadar-kai. The woman tells them the Dimension of Dreams has crossed over with Basingstock due to a spell she and her allies have cast. Basingstock will remain in a single never-ending night unless she gets what she wants, the corpse of the night hag the Eight Arms killed years ago. The candidates, unaware of any such corpse, check with Cilla, who thinks Sammael may have animated it after Crazy Eddie refused to keep it buried in the park. The Eight Arms have no official records of all of Sammael's minions and have no way to contact anybody on other planes, so the candidates head to the temple of Pharasma, hoping they can get some information from his ally, the temple's medical examiner.

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