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Titles The Eternal Dragon Conqueror, Our Warlord Defender, Artificer of Pain
Home Hades
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio conquest, weapons, skill, ambition
Domains Artifice, Evil, Law, Strength, War
Favored Weapon Longspear

Scourge is a human who achieved divine status through a series of trials. He is a god of war and favors battle, the use of violence, and the construction of weaponry, and he sees all other methods of getting what he wants as other tools at his disposal. He advocates the pursuit of personal perfection, improving one’s skills whether they are martial, academic, or artistic.

He expects his worshipers to use any means they deem fit when fulfilling their goals and ambitions, as long as those efforts end in success. He cares not whether his worshipers see themselves as honorable or righteous, or even whether they see themselves as evil. He does encourage his followers to spread his worship across the land by any means necessary, as even diplomacy can spread his influence.


Scourge treats all deities with respect, even his enemies or those that earn his ire. He is jovial and hospitable, off-putting traits to those whose alignments are counter to his. Scourge will even indulge Velius’ shenanigans and engage in small talk with Cayden Cailean. Scourge only gets into conflict when there are direct benefits for him to do so, or when conflict finds him. Since his goals include the spread of his worship and influence, he often finds himself the target of one-way feuds.

Appearance and Emissaries

Scourge is depicted as a very tall humanoid with the head of a dragon. He is clad in heavy armor, wields a greatspear, and wears a brightly colored jeweled cloak. His holy symbol is a medallion depicting gauntlet with a spear behind it.

Scourge’s herald is a gigantic, armored, wingless, draconic serpent. This fearsome draconic creature only seems to appear in times of conflict and leaves a calculated swath of destruction in its wake before abruptly disappearing. It is said that this creature was one time slain, but the would be wyrm-slayer mysteriously disappeared and the creature later reappeared on another battlefield. His other emissaries include Ryong, an eerily charismatic human warlord who leads a band of mercenaries with a dream of establishing their own empire, and Gaddok, a shadowy artificer wizard who creates many strange machines used for violence.

Worshipers and Clergy

Churches of Scourge tend to have a strict hierarchal structure. The church has several sects, each with different methods; one may use malign means of accomplishing goals while another is more honorable and regards certain actions as unnecessary or even deplorable. While this does causes infighting, Scourge sees all branches as necessary as long as they are helpful, and in his name different factions can will occasionally work together for some greater plan.